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Infoquake paperback cover

Infoquake (2006)
Volume 1 of the Jump 225 Trilogy

2008 Solaris paperback (left)
484 pages + appendices
cover art by Stephan Martiniere

2006 Pyr trade paperback (right)
400 pages
cover art by David Stevenson

Infoquake trade paperback cover

From the back cover of the mass market paperback:
       Natch is a master of bio/logics, the programming of the human body.  He's clawed and scraped his way to the top of the market using little more than his wits.  Now his notoriety has brought him to the attention of Margaret Surina, the owner of a mysterious technology called MultiReal.  Only by enlisting Natch's devious mind can MultiReal be kept out of the hands of the High Executive Len Borda and his ruthless armies.
       To fend off the intricate net of enemies closing in around him, Natch and his apprentices must accomplish the impossible: prepare MultiReal for release to the public -- in only three days.  Meanwhile, hanging over everything is the specter of the infoquake, a lethal burst of energy that's disrupting the bio/logic networks and threatening to send the world crashing back into the Dark Ages.

Read for group discussion on October 22, 2008

How we each rated this book
Dan - Amy - stack of books 10   Wow! Don't miss it
8-9  Highly recommended
7    Recommended
5-6  Mild recommendation
3-4  Take your chances
1-2  Below average; skip it
0    Get out the flamethrower!
U    Unfinishable or unreadable
-    Skipped or no rating given
Cheri 8 Barb -
Aaron - Cynthia -
Jackie - Ron 5
Jennifer 9.6

David Louis Edelman (1971-    ) is a USA science fiction writer.

Jump 225 Trilogy:
--Infoquake (2006)
--MultiReal (2008)
--Geosynchron (forthcoming)

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